• Julie M. Schwetz- Mayor, Marshall, MO

    13 hrs

    Good evening,

    Covid-19 case results: Missouri has 1,327 positive cases; 14 deaths; 15,645 tests. For Saline County, there have been 200 tests (a number that is changing as the days pass), and zero positive cases.

    The Marshall Parks Board will be meeting tomorrow evening and part of the agenda includes discussing how to enforce social distancing without closing the entire park. I have passed on any idea given to me to be considered. We have a wonderful park, and there may be ways to mitigate risks while allowing citizens to enjoy the beautiful spring days.

    I’ll be participating in a conference call tomorrow morning with elected leaders of the County and its cities, law enforcement, and the Health Department. We will continue discussions of state guidelines and stay-at-home orders as they relate to the well-being of our communities.

    There is help available from the Small Business Administration for businesses and sole proprietors seeking financial help during this time. Please call the Marshall Chamber of Commerce at 886-3324 for more information.

    There has been so much good shining from people this past week that I just can’t help but applaud them! School district employees serving free lunches to students, a church handing out free meals, a Bear Hunt, a night of cruising, and several citizens who have offered to help those who are unable to run errands/pick up medicines or food themselves. I also received a call from a citizen asking where she could donate some money for the meals that are being prepared because she is unable to physically help. Goodness exists!

    And, I am helping to coordinate a centralized system for donations, items needed, and those who need help. We are excited to get this going and we’ll be sure to give more details when available!

    Please remember to do your part and follow the guidelines!


    Your Mayor ❤️🖤🇺🇸

  • Marshall Chamber of Commerce 2018 Spring Fling

  • Vendor Application Vendor Application

    Interested in being a vendor? Click here for a downloadable application or call the Chamber office at 660-886-3324. 

  • Stop by the office and drop off your application, or mail it in today!

    Checks, cash, or money orders are accepted.

  • Information Information

    The Marshall Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its 16th annual Spring Fling Saturday, May 19, 2018, downtown on the Marshall Square 9:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. Vendors need to be setup by 8:30 am. If there are shoppers still downtown at 3 and you want to remain open, that will be your choice. Once merchandise has been unloaded, parking for vendors will be at the ConAgra parking lots one block West of the square, located at Arrow Street & Salt Pond. There is additional parking at the City office parking lot one block North of the square. Due to all the events downtown, no vendor parking is allowed on the square. This must be turned back in to the Marshall Chamber of Commerce by April 20, 2018.
    This year we are excited to continue our partnership with other events such as the Bike Rodeo, Shrine Parade, Jim the Wonder Dog Day. In addition we are having the first Wine Walk beginning at 4pm to 8pm that day on the outside of the square.