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  • Chamber Bucks

  • The Chamber Bucks program consists of gift certificates that can be used at any participating Chamber business.

    The business in turn brings the certificate into the Chamber office to be reimbursed the full amount minus 2 %. Members sign up for the program when they join the Chamber. If you are a member and would like to participate but aren’t on the list, please call 886-3324 and we will get you added. It is a great way to promote our local business members and support ‘shopping locally’.

    Chamber bucks can be used as gifts and employers can give them to employees as bonuses.

    Don’t forget….anyone can purchase Chamber Bucks!! The bucks are purchased at face value by cash or check only. However, at this time the bucks can only be used at participating businesses. 

    See the following list of participating businesses that accept Chamber bucks....



    Does your business want to keep shopping local? Do you want to participate and accept Chamber Bucks? Well, yes, you can!! Click here for more information on how to shop local. 

  • Participating-Merchants
  • Click here for a printable list of Chamber Buck participants.